About Us

Alex Piperkos // (Mis)Chief Executive Officer

He is a Bondi Boy through and through. Loves the beach, swimming, and ‘kind of surfing.’ He is well know with the locals as ‘that kid’. He loves naming the characters and some of the qualities each character should have. “Daddy, Dan the Dog should run really really really fast. His tongue should stick out too, ‘cos he runs so fast”.

Favourite sneekybaby character: “All of them, mummy and daddy, but Dan is my favourite!”

Jasmin Wilson // Creative Editor

Jasmine has been splashing at Bondi Beach since she was just days old and attends school close by. A voracious reader, Jasmine loves fictional wordplay and is a multiple Regional Spelling Champion and a double Premier’s Spelling Bee State Finalist - at age 10 in the Senior Division. In sneekyland, Jasmine makes sure that the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed, and that the stories are ‘perfectly’ wonderful.

Favourite sneekybaby character // Caz the Cat!

Victoria Piperkos // Brand Director // Story Teller // Co-founder

Passionate and business savvy, Victoria is a ‘mumpreneur’ who wanted to make learning fun for Alex. “I would make stories up for him to entertain him whilst he was eating his food”. She understand brands and international markets and can craft wonderful storylines. This is the reason why sneekybaby will be more than just super cute and adorable characters.

Favourite sneekybaby character // Bob the Bunny!

Tony Piperkos // Creative Director // Co-founder

Tony is about fun, creative, learning. He inspires the idea of ‘think and dream big’ and has worked with businesses and brands large and small. Over the last five years he has held various marketing roles for one of the largest brands in the world. Sneekybaby has been a dream of his for a very, very, very long time (when he met Victoria, he immediately knew lots of special things were about to happen).

Favourite sneekybaby character // Max the Monkey (series 2)